Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What is a Power of Attorney

Most people do not know what really represents grant power of attorney "Power of attorney" to someone else, and the implications and possible consequences of such action.

It is convenient to start by saying that a power of attorney authorizing, who has to execute any action it deems appropriate on the person or property of him who gives it.

Sometimes I have heard from seniors who entrust their assets to others, trusting that they will act in the same way that they act in a given situation. In most cases this occurs because the person is considered insecure, tired and want to delegate all responsibility to take for fear of making mistakes; but my advice is that while a beam of lucidity, who have worked it, worked hard and managed to build wealth should control; though I make mistakes in their performance.

There is no point someone (either a professional, the representative of an institution, a close friend or the most reliable of all family members), seems to be a good person full of good intentions and to ease life, accept handle him any business, financial transactions and banking background. As you are deciding on any issue affecting its assets, decide it as you see fit, not as you wished it, it is another mind and not yours which is deciding for you, with his own.

More corrosive than sulfuric acid or nitric acid is money, which leads to power. Money has the ability to corrode the soul, shame, loyalty and good feeling that everything within it cradles a human. For money has been made the worst meanness that can be committed by humans. For money he has killed, has been stolen and even has betrays close relatives. So if we know that, why should we tempt the devil?

I know of cases of elders who have been granted power of attorney to children, grandchildren and other close relatives, so that should give good use of their property and shall mantuviesen accompanied comfortable and carefree, until the end of his days; and have gone to nursing homes while their property was dilapidated and they lived their last days among strangers, just waiting to die. One such case was that of a man who told me, in the doorway of a nursing home: "If I had known this I would have spent on pig farming; pigs that at least appreciate the food they were cast, and eventually give meat and butter. "

If you are considering giving a power of attorney never do so without first consulting a lawyer. Recommend it know what suits you best, and perhaps to suggest the advice of a financier to temporarily helpers. Avoid mistakes that can spoil the end of his existence.

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