Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Seek advice on insurance condo associations

The confusions are usually paid dearly. That is why we must be very well advised when ownership of a property located in a condominium association is taken.

Usually condominium associations maintain insurance to protect the real property they represent. The most common insurance are to be protected from damage from natural disasters, accidents, conflicts and criminal activities occurring within the premises of communal property.

Other insurance that is mandatory is directly related to flooding (flood insurance), in places that require it. But it understood, the concept flooding in the language of the insurance industry is related to the water that rises from the earth to the heights and not one that falls from the sky, although there is a direct correlation between the two.

It is useful to know that the insurance covers the structure, the policy covering the homeowners association covers only structural property belonging to the group, ie, walls, ceilings and common areas.

The interior of a private drive, must be covered by a single insurance to cover the particular unit and is the sole responsibility of the owner.

There are other related insurance condo associations, such as related to the damage that can cause winds and storms to the property or those that focus on protect unit owners against activities of vandalism in public areas, or lawsuits conducted third party, to the association.

I have seen an owner claim, to justice, the losses caused by a flash flood in your unit, because of water from another unit on the top floor, without obtaining a judgment that favors you, since this required set culpable negligence of the inhabitants of the upper deck in the flood that occurred; and all for want of a liability insurance that would protect the interior of your home.

Any owner should take into account the structural damage insurance protects property, under the umbrella of the condo association to which he belongs, is limited to the exterior of the building; so if the lining of the inner wall Plasterboard (sheetrock), carpets, furniture or electrical appliances that are within the unit are damaged, that it shall assume full responsibility of contents insurance which has concluded owner of the house with the insurance agency and is very unlikely to have any relation to general insurance association or condominium owners.

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