Monday, March 31, 2014

Immigration reform would allow many families to purchase housing

In answering questions from the audience for a videochat dedicated to reforming the mortgage industry, Obama made ​​a mention of immigration reform as " a subject that does not seem to be related, but it is ."

"If we get immigration reform, we suddenly all kinds of families out of the shadows , paying taxes , paying fines, but also most likely buying homes and often in some of the neighborhoods that were more mortgage auction ," said the president during moderate transmission Rascoff Spencer , general manager of the website dedicated to selling real estate .

People who legalize with immigration reform " add value to the community , increase the value of the property and that is one reason why it is estimated that immigration reform would bring 3,000 million to the economy, mainly because they would buying houses , "he added .

During his speech yesterday in Phoenix on mortgage industry reform , Obama urged the audience to " encourage Republicans in the House of Representatives to stop dragging its feet ," referring to the reluctance of the Republican majority to debate the bill passed by the Senate in June.

Many Republicans not only disagree with the idea of ​​legalizing people who remain on U.S. soil in violation of immigration laws , but expressed concern that the legalization of 11 million people is likely to accentuate the unemployment rate of 7% currently records the force U.S. labor .

Obama spoke about immigration reform hours after one of the main protagonists in the Senate expressed confidence that a deal can be agreed with the House of Representatives .

" We would much rather the larger project, but we are fine any way in which the House of Representatives passed," said Sen. Chuck Schumer in an interview with CNN. "Things are moving in the right direction."

Proponents of immigration reform plan numerous events during the current electoral districts culminating summer recess the second week of September, with intent to persuade skeptical lawmakers to vote in favor of immigration reform that includes the option of naturalization for undocumented immigrants .

The intervention of Obama followed his speech Tuesday , in which he discussed the need to simplify the current regulations to reduce the frequency with which banks reject loans to families who meet the requirements established by the federal government to obtain an obstacle that plagues especially Hispanics despite signs of recovery recently exhibited by the construction sector .

The insistence of the banks to request a down payment on average 20 % of the total cost of the property is the main obstacle facing Hispanics to take advantage of low interest rates , since it is an unattainable amount for many Hispanic families.

Just 46 % of Hispanics owned housing in 2012 compared to 73 % of Caucasians , according to a recent study by the National Council of La Raza and the Center for American Progress .

The central message of Obama's speech was to bring reform to close the state mortgage banks Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac , which the federal government rescued in 2008 by 187,000 million , with the goal of preserving the supply of mortgages to 30 year fixed and avoid creating another housing bubble like the one that sparked the global recession in 2006 interest.

Speaking at Phoenix was part of a series of talks planned for August on economic policy, whose goal is to prepare the ground for negotiations to increase the debt ceiling and the federal funding that will consume Congress when restart its activities in September after a five-week summer recess . Republicans in Congress have publicly disagreed with the plans of the White House in the two cases .

Obama has pronounced economic speeches to air campaign in Tennessee , Florida and Missouri , in which he advocated funding sources for infrastructure, a reduction in the cost of loans for higher education and reform the tax system . The Democratic president has also accused Republicans of not doing enough to support the American middle class.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Real Estate in U.S. growing 10% annually and gets dynamism than a decade

Although there is skepticism about the strength of relaunching , the IMF notes that feed signals optimism. 2013 marked the first promising signs in the U.S. housing market in several years, which has analysts hopeful that a more sustained recovery in that country would finally consolidating sector.

According to the quarterly S & P / Case- Shiller , which considers home sales across the country - to the second quarter of this year prices would already retaking the levels exhibited a decade. So , slowly the lows until early 2012 just forget .

Today, the average values ​​of real estate sales increased 10% from a year ago, but still lie 23 % below the peak reached these assets at the height of his pomp , in the second quarter of 2006.

Everything was subprime

In 2006 , fears of a housing bubble in the United States could be about to burst crashed against the reality that financial markets appeared healthy, with a devastating dynamism.

However, since 2007 , several analyst reports circulated about a category of investments that end up becoming part of the vocabulary of average world : subprime mortgages . Subprime indicating that it was financing packages that combined assets of category "A" with other riskier , but remaining well disguised by the former. These corresponded risky roles , majority interests , mortgage notes to people who borrowed taking advantage of low interest rates in the first half of that decade.

The problem is that many of these new borrowers did not have as large a capacity payment, and given that house prices rose , it was also making the amount of debts. Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve began to raise interest rates to control inflation driven by higher consumption.

When it became apparent that there were threats beyond the so-called subprime assets, the fear spread , the value of homes plummeted and borrowers found that their mortgages were worth more than the homes they were paying .

Banks and insurance papers were full of subprime , and attempting to sell out , the market sank further . Investment bank Lehman Brothers could not escape the financial tsunami and announced its bankruptcy on September 15, 2008 , marking the sign of a worse collapse than developed countries still have not recovered.


Today analysts look with greater confidence the rise in real estate assets. " The housing market recovery has been stronger than expected and giving a strong impetus to private domestic demand and economic growth ," said Jarkko Turunen , chief economist of the Western Hemisphere Department of the International Monetary Fund ( IMF).

"With the rise in property prices and the positive effects of public programs of housing finance , now there are fewer homeowners with negative mortgage assets (mortgages ' underwater ' or whose outstanding amount is greater than the value property ) or who are behind in payments, and decreased the number of foreclosures, " he explained.

There are fears , of course , as a rate hike or stop recovery optimism that both inflate a new bubble in the sector.

However, the data show an encouraging picture , with less tendency to foreclosure.

" The steady increase in housing prices is pushing all boats in this real estate market and should include the inventory of homes for sale in the coming months ," said RealtyTrac Vice President Daren Blomquist . RealtyTrac data shows that while 10.7 million owners are very stuck in their mortgages , 8.3 million could be in a position to sell favorably to 2015.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The New York property market overheats

The developers of a triplex for sale for $ s 100 million, located in the luxury apartment tower 50 UN Plaza in New York, have their eyes on those attending the UN General Assembly in its search for potential buyers.

The companies responsible for the project , Zeckendorf Development and Global Holdings, which belongs to Eyal Ofer Israeli financier , hoping to attract the richest in the world that might be interested in owning a portion of the city skyline diplomats.

The Arthur and William Lie Zeckendorf brothers are building a 44-story tower . The project 50 UN Plaza , designed by Foster + Partners London studio , is one of the many wealthy Americans luxury residential developments that have emerged in New York City in the last two years in response to growing demand from foreign investors and seeking stable investments .

So intense is the demand for exclusive condominiums (defined as those whose value is within 10% of the most expensive apartments) that developers fail to build fast enough and the prices are starting to break previous records .

The Zeckendorf plan to build 88 apartments with prices starting from u $ s 2.5 million. The penthouse of nearly 1500 square meters occupied floor from 41 to 43 will be offered au $ s 100 million when the sale begins in mid-October . The property has 14 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms.

It was originally planned as a duplex, but the developers expanded due to increased demand for larger departments .

The record price for a Manhattan residence he got Sandy Weill , the chairman of Citibank, by his department in February 2012 . It paid u $ s 88 million.

It is believed that two penthouses of skyscrapers One57 could exceed this value when ready next year. And the tower units Extell Development are now valued at $ 90 million s . A group led by billionaire Bill Ackman , and would have bought one of these departments , according to people close to the transaction.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The U.S. housing sector

The real estate sector in the U.S. has been in the spotlight in recent years , first by the mortgage crisis and then by the support of the interventionist policies of the Federal Reserve , via bond purchases, which have led to artificially low rates .

This sector is particularly cyclical, having shock and similar to the evolution of the economy recessionary times. Although, if we briefly jump back in time, we see thanks to low interest rates in mid-2000 began a large residential boom, even in times when the economy went through the best of times , until the outbreak the mortgage crisis and the housing bubble burst .

This industry is divided into residential and commercial services, although some companies involved in both. Both the residential and commercial industry are highly fragmented . In fact, the 50 largest companies in residential buildings make up less than 30% of total industry revenue . Since the collapse of the housing bubble in the U.S. and a high unemployment rate under natural unemployment in the economy, the residential industry suffers the consequences of the past. The commercial segment of the industry was a little better than the residential market since the recession .

There has been talk of recovery in the sector given the rise in housing prices in the U.S. example is the evolution of the SP / Case- Shiller U.S. National Home Price Index rate since mid-2012, although it should be noted that continue a series of conditions negative as :

- The delinquency rate on single-family residential mortgages in the United States remains surprisingly high , ranking second quarter of this year at 9.41% .

- Lowering of consumer confidence indicators . The consumer sentiment from the University of Michigan has dropped to a level not seen since December 2011. (down to 72 in November from 73.2 in October)

- It has not been a widespread buying first homes , but the main buyers were institutional , representing one third of existing sales.

- The next reduction of stimulus by the Federal Reserve will raise rates as mortgages and are already pricing in the currency market will produce the appreciation of the dollar against its major crosses.

After these brief remarks about the conditions of the U.S. real estate industry , we have to analyze the companies that form part of the model EAFI Aspain 11 Financial Advisors portfolio for the Real Estate sector after scoring make America the Stoxx 600 .

Weyerhaeuser Co: is mainly engaged in lumbering and the manufacture , distribution and sale of forest products, real estate development and construction. Therefore, to be a wood products company is a convenient analyze data annually instead of quarterly as they have seasonal component. In October, the company announced third-quarter results exceeding expectations . Thus, sales increased 24 % , the profit up 105.62 % , EBITDA by 62 % and revenues by 99 % during the first 9 months of 2013 year on year .

AvalonBay Communities Inc. : dedicated operating apartment communities institutional quality in markets with high barriers to entry in the U.S.. AvalonBay Communities Inc. in October announced a net attributable loss for the third quarter of $ 10,715,000 . This represents a loss per share of 0.08 . The graph of the evolution of the portfolio we can see great value cut from the presentation of these results.

Riocan Real Estate Investment Trust : is a Canadian trust with a total capitalization of about 13.6 billion at September 30, 2013 . It owns and manages Canada's largest portfolio of shopping centers with ownership interests in a portfolio of 346 commercial properties corresponding to more than 83 million square meters, having properties in the U.S.. In mid-November Riocan announced the distribution of 11.75 cents per share for the month of November. The distribution will be payable on December 6, 2013 to unitholders of the trust .

Public Storage : a background composed and self-managed real estate investment that buys , develops, owns and operates mainly storage areas. In the results presented in November announced that they have increased revenues by 5.5% yoy to 441 million during the third quarter, while operating profit rose 7.2% to 316 million .

SL Green Realty Corp: On October 29 announced a public offering of secured 2,600,000 shares of its common stock , par value 0.01 per share. With this, the company intends to use the proceeds derived therefrom for general corporate purposes , including new investments and payment of outstanding debts.

In conclusion , the sector is subject to the evolution of the U.S. economy, where major constraints come from the hand of macroeconomic variables such as GDP, interest rates , unemployment and infrastructure spending by the State . Undoubtedly, more short-term major determinants or conditions come from the Federal Reserve, because if in the coming months adopts the decision on withdrawal of stimuli involved for the housing sector to the start of the rates artificially low mortgage .

Monday, March 24, 2014

Real estate project seeks to develop the City of Doral

In West Miami-Dade County , taken form a new sophisticated urban center with several towers of luxury condominiums, townhouses, apartments , office buildings , shops , restaurants, a charter school, a public park with a pavilion art and a center of government .

Downtown Doral, a development of 120 acres of Codina Partners, attempts to transform the labor -industrial world Doral a true residential city .

The goal, said Armando Codina , CEO of Codina Partners, is to create a community to " live, work , learn and play " where families can enjoy the fruits of urban life , while spending less for housing than they would in other enclaves of Miami -Dade .

" This is not a project, it is a city," Codina said, sitting in a conference room of a downtown sales center of Doral. The community, which extends between 70 and 87 Avenues Northwest , and from Northwest 54th Street to Trump National Doral Miami, will be created in stages , with the most complete parts in five years, he added .

Downtown Doral is the largest investment ever made by Codina Partners - over $ 1,000 million. It also marks the first project Codina has taken from the beginning to the end with her daughter , Ana -Marie Codina Barlick , 37, who on Saturday was appointed the chief executive of the company.

Codina, 67, a pioneer in South Florida best known for suburban office and industrial park developer , has reshaped much of Miami -Dade for decades. He risked almost 30 years ago in what today is Doral, when he built the Beacon Center . In 2006 , merged his former company, the Codina Group, Florida East Coast Industries, and sold the company in 2007 to Fortress Investment Group, based in New York.

Only left with an asset: the Downtown Doral property.

Jack McCabe, real estate consultant , Codina called " one of the best known and capitalized developers in Florida."

" Undoubtedly, this will be a great benefit to the Doral " McCabe , CEO of McCabe Research & Consulting in Deerfield Beach said.

Downtown Doral , which has been planned for several years, comes to fruition amid a flurry of new residential construction in South Florida. The recession and the recent collapse of the mortgage market are now distant memories simple , while property values ​​rise again - and developers are rushing to bring new projects to the market.

" Undoubtedly, in the last 18 months confidence builders and developers is extremely strong," McCabe said. " The developers expect the positive market conditions to continue for at least five to seven years , and have seen larger developments with thousands of new units - 175 new condo projects with more than 24,000 units in South Florida."

Most of these new projects are located east of I- 95, near the ocean or in downtown Miami. Only a handful have been announced in the suburbs, said Peter Zalewski, principal of Condo Vultures LLC, a real estate consultant .

The basic concept of Downtown Doral will have 2,840 luxury housing units - the vast majority , more than 2,100 condominium units spread over eight or nine towers, each 20 stories up . In addition, the project will have three buildings with 454 apartments to rent them , plus over 90 family houses.

" The Doral has never seen anything like this," Codina said. Residents will also have nearby facilities such as golf at Trump National Doral Miami.

Codina , who has shunned condominium projects in the past, brought to Oswaldo Betancourt in September as executive vice president for development and construction , to oversee the development of condominiums in Downtown Doral. Betancourt was previously vice president in the division of condos Related Group .

For the first and second towers, Codina Partners has hired renowned architects Charles Sieger Miami based and Jose Suarez, Sieger Suarez Architectural Partnership , which designed as luxurious Related projects like Apogee , Murano at Portofino and the Murano Grande in Miami Beach, and St. Regis Resort & Residences in Bal Harbour. The designer Adriana Hoyos creates luxurious interiors and are available fully finished floors , kitchens and bathrooms , to move in immediately.

The pre-construction sales for the first tower opened to the public earlier this month. Construction is scheduled to start in six months, and the building will be ready by the end of 2015.

The condos range from $ 200,000 for one bedroom lower , at $ 600,000 per unit with three bedrooms with a study , and $ 800,000 for a penthouse , Betancourt said. Luxury condominiums are expected to compete with towers in urban areas like Briskell Corridor , but at lower prices . A unit that costs $ 370 per square foot in Downtown Doral could cost between $ 550 and $ 600 per square foot in Brickell, added.

" If a developer is able to achieve more than $ 350 per square foot in Doral, cause a wildfire in the residential condominium in Doral ," Zalewski said.

The Doral, a suburban area / Industrial west of Miami International Airport , has become a center for Venezuelans and other Latin Americans. For those perspectival buyers, as well as other locations that Desen live close to work or family in Doral, affordability will be key , analysts said.

" The price level will be very important," McCabe said. "They will need to have price levels that are affordable for Floridians of the working and middle classes."

Undoubtedly, the volume of day laborers in Doral is huge - more than 150,000 according to the city, and rising. The Doral is home to major employers such as Univision , Carnival Cruise Lines, the Federal Reserve Bank of Miami, the U.S. Southern Command and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida and The Miami Herald. It is the number one warehouse / offices in the region , according to real estate analyst David Dabby , director of Dabby Group Advisors in Coral Gables market.

However, the city says it has a population of just 46,000 and the property is somewhat limited. While there are other planned or under construction residential projects, Codina Partners is by far the most ambitious .

Overall, the Doral area is dominated by single family homes and rental units old , " Zalewski said. " And most of what you see is the beginning of a niche construction condominiums and single-family units , to allow people to enter the market , because the economy is very strong there."

Other projects underway are two residential rental Related Group : Doral View Apartments, a project of 260 units of garden apartments with 14 three-story buildings , and CityPlace Apartments, adjacent to CityPlace Doral , which have more than 330,000 square feet retail sales .

With its central location , Dabby says he expects Downtown Doral " will fill the demand for its residential component ... People do not like to drive , they would be happy to live close to their offices ," he said . " Whenever you get the right price, it's a winner ."

So far , we have booked 42 condominium units in the first tower . The urbanizares are requiring a deposit of 20 percent at contract signing , 20 percent when you start to build , 10 percent when the closure is completed and 50 percent, Betancourt said. The condos are marketed both locally and in Latin America, including Venezuela , Brazil, Mexico and Argentina .

Ingrid Sanchez , a real estate agent in the Keyes Co. Doral, has so far sold 15 units condomino all Venezuelans , who were attracted to the project scope - entertainment, restaurants and schools - as well as price she said.

" It is a new product in Doral ," Sanchez said. "It's totally different from what we had seen before."

Friday, March 21, 2014

A paradise island for sale for $ 110 million

Notice to multimillionaires . Off Florida , Sotheby 's International Realty sells an island for a tidy sum .

( ) - $ 110 million (€ 80 million) , this is what you need to buy Pumpkin Keys. An extraordinary 10.5 acre private island off the coast of Florida, just 10 minutes by helicopter from Miami Beach and as boat to the nearest shore house. At that price , you have the option of a quiet island without being away from everything.

A marina and a heliport privatized

The sale price includes a main house of 500m ², a marina , an apartment and two cottages for the guards. Tennis courts and a helipad are also available to prospective buyers .

Pumpkin Key includes 16 separate , but only two are built lots. The space can be redeveloped.

The future buyer will have access to Ocean Reef, a very select club for wealthy corner . The perfect sesame to access community amenities like a spa, salon , restaurants , shops , golf , tennis, art events , schools . The whole boat or helicopter , of course.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Florida: Properties new high

Florida's nickname is the " Sunshine State " . It is a state in the southeastern United States . Most of the state is a large peninsula with the Gulf of Mexico to the west and the Atlantic Ocean on the east. It has a warm and humid subtropical climate. Florida's economy relies heavily on tourism . It is a wonderful vacation spot for decades . It has beaches like Daytona Beach, where hundreds of retirees , sun worshipers , cyclists and nature lovers come daily . This is highly appreciated for its five-star experience .

The future of investment in Florida is bright as it continues to draw thousands of generations of baby boom, retirees and tourists . In fact the Florida real estate is exploding , and will continue to do so for more than 20 years . You will be surprised to know that the population of Florida is expected to grow from 35,000 people per month , for the next 30 years. People flock State regarded as a testimony to the fact that real estate is booming in Florida . So if you're a big real estate man , then invest your money in land and sit on it for years and one day you find yourself among billionaires . Investors should start to " land bank " . Always be optimistic and investment. Let me give you a classic example of Walt Disney who bought 30,000 acres of land in 1965 at a place called Orlando. At that time , the locals sold their land went laughing all the way to the Bank . And you know that Walt Disney won a lot from this agreement .

The reasons for investing in many territories . The first benefit that will occur if you keep your land us for some years is the increase in land value . Then you can build condos villas and hotels and then to sell . The reasons for making profits in real estate from the fact that Florida has 300 plus days of sunshine a year . 1200-1800 has miles of coastline . Of the 80 million retiring baby boomers, 42% plan for retirement in the southeast U.S. , with Florida is the number one destination. Furthermore there is no state income tax in Florida .

Come to the point of preconstruction homes , one of the biggest advantages of investing in Florida preconstruction properties such as condos, villas or hotels that are able to ensure preconstruction opportunity without having to invest a large fortune . In most cases , to reserve your preconstruction investment , you simply need to make a small investment of typically 5-20 % of the total cost of the property . So invest in preconstruction properties such as condos, villas or hotels is high productivity .

To conclude we can say that investors who want to reap the harvest with both hands need to invest a lot of money in the booming real estate market of Florida.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bal Harbour ends 2013 with numbers that reflect a steady growth

The tax revenue from tourism exceeded by 53 % the previous year. Not least information to this tiny town that also captures the look of those home buyers willing to pay the most expensive square meter state of Florida .

The real estate in Bal Harbour leading prices with other rival neighborhoods located south of Florida as Star Island and Indian Creek, says Oren Alexander , Real State Broker.

" Bal Harbour brings in a square mile than any other place I have: 5 diamond 5 star hotels , top restaurants , beautiful beaches, most luxurious shopping center in the state and a short distance from the busy , noisy but fascinating town of South Beach. Bal Harbour has a charm and mystique itself that seduces both the sophisticated tourist and you want to own your home in this place. "

The Bal Harbour Shops , finished the year surpassing sales 7.6% over the previous year , and during 2013 has welcomed The Webster Bal Harbour, Akris and Lalique , while existing stores such as Prada , Dolce & Gabanna Loro Piana and expanded its premises.

The Bal Harbour Shops , is internationally recognized for concentrating the elite fashion , by the exhibition of jewelry that are unique or limited nature and as the first to introduce the new premises of flagship brands like Chanel, Saint Laurent Paris and Lavin Paris . The Shops currently produce more than $ 2,800 per square foot, the most profitable globally .

The opening of the popular restaurant The Grill is scheduled for October this year. Have a local 594 m2 located on the second floor of the mall and will have addition to its wide interior room , tables outside of your local located on a terrace overlooking the entrance of the mall .

The Grill is in addition to a full range of restaurants and bars that now owns the mall . Carpaccio with Italian cuisine , Makoto famous for its modern Japanese cuisine and La Gouleu , the charming French bistro . They along with the bars are part of , much frequented by local and international groups visiting the city gastronomic circuit fashion Miami.

" The 2013 has been an incredible year for Bal Harbour Shops , we saw our sales grow by 7.2 % over the previous year and we encourage you to say it's been the best year since the existence of the mall . The multibrand stores Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue had strong growth with double digit numbers . Some of our restaurants saw their turnover by 35 % , "said Matthew Whitman Lazenby , President & CEO of Whitman Family Development , owners of Bal Harbour Shops.

"We believe that the growth of tourism in the area and search for the exclusive and quality is increasing and these are some of the reasons for the success of The Shops . International tourism has given a boost to the regional economy of Miami and this in turn , over the years, has become a destination that can offer the sophistication that the luxury traveler was not before . "

The numbers not only shine for Bal Harbour Shops , The St. Regis Bal Harbour, opened in February 2012, continues to lead the luxury market in terms of average rates , being the highest of the resorts, the five star , five diamond East Coast of the United States , offering guests the exceptional quality of service that defines the St. Regis brand in the world.

Its General Manager Marco Selva said : " The 2013 has been an incredible for The St Regis Bal Harbour Resort year, we have seen not only grow our business and our average fare but were honored with many industry awards . The most recent was the distinction Forbes Five -Award. We are proud and we see the future with enthusiasm , always thinking of new features and services that will surprise those who choose us for their holidays . "

" Success comes from the exclusive destination , the sophisticated experience offered by our hotels, our restaurants and shops ,'' said Carolyn Travis , Executive Director of Tourism Marketing Bal Harbour. " To which he recently joined her programs like Unscripted , public art program , movies on the beach , the new Museum Access program, which provides free admission to all guests of our hotels to museums and art galleries the area. It is a good time to be in Bal Harbour .''

Miami and Toronto, two cities linked by Latinos

From the top of a building on Miracle Mile in Coral Gables, is the undeniable influence of Spanish colonial architecture draws on this side of the city. At the corner of Ponce de Leon, is hard to see a Canadian flag waving shyly hung from one of the light poles and other flags of the Americas. Being American and living in Toronto , a city declared by the UN as the most multicultural world , achievement easily identify how advantageous it is for the north country open doors to the region from Miami.

In the previous edition , we begin to draw what would be the large canvas of the brand Miami. Undoubtedly one of the commonly perceived attributes of what this city is to be a gateway to the Latin world inside and outside the United States. In Toronto , defined by the first settlers as " meeting place" , begins to awaken one of the fastest growing minority groups in the professional segment ; Hispanics. Entrance door , meeting place , Latino professionals , growing segment , multiculturalism, these are elements that unite these two great brands. However, not so evident for Canadian corporations serving the Hispanic segment can achieve penetrate new markets in the United States and the region . These are some of the conditions that make Miami- Toronto regarding a tangible opportunity for entrepreneurs, investors and regional governments :

1. Proximity to key markets : Canadian companies burgeoning Ontario looking out mainly in two directions : 1) entering the market québécoise or Quebec province with a population of about 8 million people with drinking habits and language different from other country , or 2) an incremental consider when looking to enter the American market geographic expansion. Assessing the state of Florida, this has 18 million people where only the Miami -Dade County already has more than 2.5 million Latinos .

Two . Language and facilities: Upon entering the South Florida market can get eliminate two barriers to internationalization, 1) being the Spanish the second language used , the adjustments in terms of communication products and packaging are standardized for entry also Latin America , 2) Miami is a center or logistics hub that the scale of its infrastructure has allowed international companies prefer to settle there before entering Latin America and the Caribbean.

Three . Tourism and Pan American Games : For six months a year the flow of visitors from Canada can be seen in the large number of vehicles with plates of Ontario and Quebec , which represents a significant number of tourists who also invest in real estate. Latinos in Toronto are also part of this group of tourists who come fleeing the cold weather, and even before living in Canada and had to Miami and Orlando as favorite places to vacation. On the other hand , to mobilize the Hispanic - tourism to Canada which brings the possibility of serving a market segment more than 50 million people - the 2015 Pan American Games are the perfect opportunity for all actors involved in the chain of value of tourism sector in Ontario. Until now , the reality is that Latinos in Toronto have not been taken as a group to influence and impact to penetrate international markets , representing an even greater gain for people if they dare to bet on this segment.

To conclude , I leave part of the interview I conducted with Magda de la Torre , business communications , Cuban -American based in Canada , who has made possible the opening of Canada into the Americas:

"Miami and Toronto are two cities which I consider my Two Worlds for 30 years ! When I accepted the appointment of Dominican Republic to open its offices in tourism, business and airline in Toronto , Canada. Vine fascinated and honored to represent a country that was not mine. Because , as you know , I am a ' Miami -Cuban ' . Spanglish is my language, and really live in two worlds , the one we left and we live day to day. came for four years and I have not gone to all that were my roots for many years.

In 2006 , Canada became the country making Florida more business - tourism , business and investment , which inspired me to try to unite my two worlds . That year began a relationship between THCC (Toronto Hispanic Chamber of Commerce ) and CAMACOL (Latin Chamber of Commerce of U.S.) , which ended last year when President THCC in Toronto was part of meetings CAMACOL . Also that year I met two Canadians who live in Miami and have become key pieces for the opening of Canada and Miami in the international world , Ian McCluskey and John Price.

The growth of Latinos in Canada, especially in Toronto, is the main base and the reason why we, the Latinos, we trigger this movement , uniting our two worlds ! "

Monday, March 10, 2014

United States: the recovery of the real estate is launched

Stronger-than- expected new home sales inthe United States increase confirms the scenario of a gradual but steady recovery in the U.S. housing market after months of selling pressure .

Real estate in the USA: The stronger than expected new home sales in the United States increase confirms the scenario of a gradual but steady recovery in the U.S. housing market after months of pressure vendors , analysts at Natixis .

The Commerce Department said Thursday that sales of new single-family homes were up 2.3 % last month to 454,000 units, while economists had forecast sales of 425,000 units.

The median home price reached meanwhile a record level of U.S. $ 271,600 . Over one year , the increase amounted to 14.9%.

Insofar as the proportion of seized property is known to represent a declining share of assets placed on the market, new home sales should continue to grow at a steady pace.

Overall , given the overall signs indicating an improvement in supply and demand , the recovery of the real estate sector is clearly launched in the United States.

Institutional investors rush on goods still available on the market for bank foreclosures , which dries with the improving economy and the real estate market recovery in the U.S.

Investing in Florida Real Estate Orlando

The recovery of the U.S. real estate is felt to Europe , the U.S. growth engine restarts with a strong potential in the years to come. Knowing that prices have fallen 50 % or more since 2007, the potential gain is .

For 18 months, the market is recovering in Florida and especially Orlando and its region, with more than 20 % increase in the last 12 months in some areas. Institutional investors such as Berkshire Hathaway position on the singles market by increasing prices in areas such as Central Florida .

Investing in Florida Real Estate Orlando , is the assurance to place your money in real estate at better prices and generate a comfortable income while enjoying a tax on very light land revenue . Investing in our side , it is also placing your confidence in our team , specializing in the real estate market of Central Florida for over 17 years.

Villas on the lake, the sea or in a Golf Resort, our agency offers a selection of new goods but also classic resale, foreclosure or Short Sale. Enjoy the recovery of real estate to invest in new and guaranteed products or invest in products bank entry , which will be like new after complete renovation .

Orlando Real Estate is the main player in the Florida real estate center for Francophones, like many buyers , join our group and benefit from the best deals of the moment on Orlando and its region.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

9 Good Reasons to Invest in Miami, Florida in 2014

1 - Miami city in vogue , young, explosive , energizing , sparkling , cheerful, optimistic , beautiful as the day and night : the city has become " the place to be ." A city of a thousand and one nights futuristic and it is only the beginning. Stars and personalities from around the world all came at least once in Miami when they do not decide to buy a second home . The airport received in 2103 more than 40 million visitors. Expanding new areas of Miami mushrooming over the past 2 years. Many events and festivals succeed throughout the year making this city more attractive in terms of the entire planet . Miami is also one of the first and most Americans to have recovered from the crisis cities.

2 - A simplified ultra light and digestible taxation: in short you only pay 15% on capital gains , after 2 years, deducted all your expenses, including tickets, restaurants, hotel tickets. Compared to the tax burden in France heritage here paying taxes is not a confiscation.

3 - parity Euro / Dollar more than advantageous .

4 - flexibility in the rental terms . Incomparable with the regulations in France (as elsewhere in Spain ) , the rent laws to protect the owner usa . So who " leads the dance ." Basically leases are renewable annually and leases are made to ensure that the tenant has , roughly , one right , one to pay rent or vacate the premises.
In case of non -payment of rent the tenant will be out within a maximum of 45 days.

5 - Total investment security and title.

6 - A growing market and the good news is that prices have not yet reached those before the crisis. Despite a significant increase in prices in the most desirable areas , there is still room and plenty of bargains to be found not to mention excellent unrealized gains . But a tip: do not wait.

7 - No risk of reviving a collapse of the housing market : The influx of international investors (85% of buyers in Miami are foreign , so 5% of French only , have invested cash ) since the crisis. This has greatly consolidated and therefore secure the market.

8 - An exceptional location : crossroads of the Americas , Miami at the door of South America, is located just 8-9 hours flight from Paris .

9 - A subtropical climate and quality of life very envied . Idyllic beaches and as beautiful as the Bahamas known for their crystal clear waters sea . Nobody can either stress or boredom in Miami.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Two steps to double your income through real estate

▪ In what state of mind would you be if you were to add some EUR 10 000 to your future income without having saved a single penny ?

I published on 5 November 2012 an article in which I anticipated a drop in French real estate 63%. In such circumstances, how is it possible to make money in a bear real estate market?

What I will reveal you now ignored 90% of real estate investors beginners ... but it could help you to multiply your future income by two or more.

You'll see why in a moment ...

Step 1: find the right deal
A good deal is what? This is to purchase a property at a below market price. If you are new to this area, I suggest you focus on the small area studio type or two -bedroom city center over the age of 20 years. If the situation is excellent but the seller has difficulty finding a buyer, it certainly means that housing has one (or more ) drawback (s) in its design.

Most of the time , just improve some strategic points as an additional bulkhead, kitchen fittings , insulation, or paint to make a nest that your tenants will tear . And that an investment in work often representing less than 10 % of the original price.

Step 2: make your investment pay by a bank at a fixed rate over a long period with a very low intake
Forget the price of housing and work because it is not you who are funding but your banker. In addition , monthly payments will be paid by the tenant.

Real estate has the peculiarity of being :
- Cheap when access to credit is difficult,
- Expensive and when access to credit is easy !

Moral: 100 years ago that 95% of people say that it's never a good time to invest in real estate ... while 5% build fortunes in any economic situation.

In other words, when prices are low, " 5% " buy with a lot of cash , and when prices are high , they bought with little cash ... But ultimately, it is the same housing ... so ?


Why France will STILL go bankrupt
Degradation by Moody's concerns on the side of Germany, unflattering portraits in the press ... the noose is tightening around our country : what will happen now - and especially how you prepare?

Everything is explained here ...


The savvy investor should not commit the mistake of confusing the price of real estate value "credit" and value "income" . I will have the opportunity to explain it all in detail.

For example, if you invest in a studio you turn into a two-piece value "credit" of EUR 100 000 by adding a contribution of Euro 8000 , what could happen?

- Spending 550 euros / month ( monthly payments and taxes)
- Rent collected 600 euros
- Either 50 euros / month in your pocket.

In addition to being some of owning the entire property and rent at the end of the loan you cash in 7.5% of revenue over 8000 euros actually invested !

And if you want to sell your rental property? You do not sell a property but a rental return on the amount actually invested : contribution !

The day the property will affect the famous 63% reduction , access to credit is terrible and you pocket the cash to do other business ...

Gold fall and real estate in Spain too!

▪ Why stubbornly deny that behind a " negative growth " and consumption that beats the last six weeks wing profile lightning recovery of the U.S. economy that will propel us the Dow to 20,000 points and the CAC 5 000 40 ?

Of course, if all U.S. economic figures argued for a type scenario in January 2000 or July 2007, it would be too easy: 3.5% or 4 % growth, it shows. In this case , it must be creative .

We must imagine all the money poured by the Fed since last September ( wasted as GDP rose from 3 % to -0.1% in the interval ) suddenly reappear by mid - 2013 in the real estate ... which seems falter since November.

We are witnessing a technical reflux ( decrease in the NAHB index , falling 8.5% of housing starts in the United States in January ) of the same type before a tidal wave. The waves withdraw before the emergence of a bullish wave that will sweep our skepticism and our mockery .

Similarly, the small voltage in U.S. long rates (2.04 % over 10 years ) is a precursor to arbitration T -Bonds for shares ( the "Grande rotation). Do not see a fit of nervousness on prospects for debt reduction if the Republican majority in Congress again - as he regularly shows his intention - his guerrilla war against the White House.

▪ In Europe, too , not to worry !
In Europe, the suspense on the Italian elections is already in progress, as the default and the restructuring of the Cypriot debt (18 billion euros ) . And that would be paranoid enough to claim that such a scenario would plunge the Greek banking system , already in agony in new inextricable difficulties ?

We 've seen worse ( with 250 billion euros of restructuring ) , so nothing to worry about in the immediate future.

And since "Super Mario" ( Draghi ) has the magic weapon verb that solves crises, there is no need to worry about this release of the Portuguese Government revises -1% to -2 % in the amount of the anticipated recession in 2013 (after -3.2 % in 2012) .

We do not see how Spain could be affected while you a little more each day precisely the huge stakes and the potential cost measure - as a colossal losses for the country - the bursting of the housing bubble 2008.

The SAREB , the structure of Iberian defeasance (or bad bank on the French model of CDR) created at the request of the European authorities , has acquired to date as 60 billion euros of foreclosed or unsold goods : this is a stock about 90 000 dwellings.

It is only a drop in the light of 200,000 homes seized by banks and stock over a million unsold new homes. Note that the latter figure is an estimate of wills the end of 2012 ... but a figure of two million unoccupied flows emphatically past two years.

▪ In Spain, it's getting better and better
This is not the worst: the "official" decline in real estate of 35% from the peak of the bubble - this hedonistic estimation has so far limited provisions on unrealized losses for banks , otherwise they have already largely failed. However, the potential (often Anglo- Saxon " vulture funds " type) would require a discount ranging from 60 % to 80 % depending on the property proposed lots .

This may seem unfair for sellers but a considerable proportion of the goods concerned are unsellable ( not completed without running water or not related to any sanitation, open to all winds and already severely degraded by weather, looted or vandalized ... ) .

The SAREB - who had taken many assets at a discount of 50% - has already sold 13,000 units (15 % of its stock ) in January. Professionals fear a new blip on prices in 2013 if it forces the pace.

Stocks it holds is only the tip of the iceberg : they represent only 6% of the 1.2 million homes that banks hold in mortgage form or seized property.

This is not counting bank claims on hundreds of shopping centers on the outskirts of deserts ghost neighborhoods and millions of square meters of unoccupied office .

With this in mind , Mariano Rajoy has justifiably pleased yesterday before the Spanish Parliament, summarizing a formula the situation : "The sinking was avoided ."

With close to 7 % of GDP deficit in 2012 and 300 billion unrealized property losses , everyone to their own opinion on the matter.

We feel that it is especially the sense of reality which wrecked ... But this syndrome is not more severe south of the Pyrenees across the Atlantic , where every statistic - especially good and bad - gives rise to completely convoluted interpretations which it is clear that the crisis and the recession are behind us and counterfeit currency central banks will do wonders .

Iconic Russell 2000 indices like the Dow or the Transport struggle daily new records in New York. DT has also not failed to register a 20th consecutive points in 6021 opened yesterday.

▪ And the gold ?
One of the predictions of permabulls is coming true : meet the huge upside potential of equities this year and in 2014 , investors are selling their gold.
Here ounce which unscrews under $ 1,600 , and which seems more decisive in support of $ 1,585 (that is to say, the basis of the bearish channel medium term).

That said, the fall of the yellow gold had nothing to envy to that of the Black Gold: barrel flowed peak of 2.4% in the support of $ 95 to sink up to 93.8 $ .

But nothing in the world will not stay suggest that the general decline in raw materials resulting from the realization that the growth that we are promised are only in speeches intended to trap investors ... that is ie those that are pressed to buy shares now that they are back in full swing while insiders relieve themselves happily .

Monday, March 3, 2014

Investing in real estate in Miami, still great opportunities!

Miami, a sun destination? Yes, but not exclusively ... Since the 1980s, Miami is undoubtedly one of the preferred destinations for American and foreign tourists because of its mild climate and attractive beaches ... Tourists are however more only to be deceived: Foreign investors also flock now to take advantage of economic opportunities offered by Miami ... especially in real estate.

Investing in real estate in Miami, still great opportunities!
The dynamic Miami real estate is now supported since counts in total, more than 170 sites in the project development of the city, called "Miami 2020". Among these sites include not only projects of residential and tourist developments such as the Porsche Design Tower (luxury apartments in Sunny Isle in North Miami Beach), but also many commercial developments, like the Brickell CityCenter built Bouygues and estimated at $ 663 million or the redevelopment of the Miami Beach Convention Center, for $ 1.2 billion. Parallel port activity is booming, since Miami is now the first cruise port in the world in 2013, a number of passengers estimated at nearly 4 million. The commercial port of Miami is also very strong, and increasingly turned to South America.

The economic fabric of Miami thus denser, really, and growth is back in the city, in particular, and Florida in general, where the unemployment rate has declined from 9.1% to 7.6 % between November 2012 and November 2013. Miami is now a city that offers strong economic and not just tourist arguments. The establishment of new companies or new sports franchises, such as the Major League Soccer, are, moreover, great news for investors ... In fact, Miami now ranks among the largest global capitals and continues offer good prospects for capital gains for investors.

The Miami real estate market consists of several micro markets, where prices remain affordable for a French investor, whether for rental investment or second home. The rebound from the peak in 2006 is, however, undoubtedly began as prices have increased by 15.8% between October 2012 and October 2013 ...
Evolution of prices in Miami - Source: S & P Case Shiller - Miami - January 2000 - October 2013
Evolution of prices in Miami - Source: S & P Case Shiller - Miami - January 2000 - October 2013

Nevertheless, it is still possible to find attractive products, including apartments, priced between € 1,700 and € 3,500 per m2. A Miami Beach but also in the districts of North Miami Beach, Aventura, or more south of the city, Coconot Grove.

For investors wishing to higher end products, prices are naturally higher, but there also, they are interesting in light of French and Paris prices. 120m2 triplex in the heart of Miami Beach is for example on sale today for € 496,000, or 4130 euros / m2.

Miami recall that, as in all large cities, the location is essential, both for yearly rentals for seasonal rentals. New programs, often very well located, are, in this respect, solid opportunities.