Saturday, March 8, 2014

9 Good Reasons to Invest in Miami, Florida in 2014

1 - Miami city in vogue , young, explosive , energizing , sparkling , cheerful, optimistic , beautiful as the day and night : the city has become " the place to be ." A city of a thousand and one nights futuristic and it is only the beginning. Stars and personalities from around the world all came at least once in Miami when they do not decide to buy a second home . The airport received in 2103 more than 40 million visitors. Expanding new areas of Miami mushrooming over the past 2 years. Many events and festivals succeed throughout the year making this city more attractive in terms of the entire planet . Miami is also one of the first and most Americans to have recovered from the crisis cities.

2 - A simplified ultra light and digestible taxation: in short you only pay 15% on capital gains , after 2 years, deducted all your expenses, including tickets, restaurants, hotel tickets. Compared to the tax burden in France heritage here paying taxes is not a confiscation.

3 - parity Euro / Dollar more than advantageous .

4 - flexibility in the rental terms . Incomparable with the regulations in France (as elsewhere in Spain ) , the rent laws to protect the owner usa . So who " leads the dance ." Basically leases are renewable annually and leases are made to ensure that the tenant has , roughly , one right , one to pay rent or vacate the premises.
In case of non -payment of rent the tenant will be out within a maximum of 45 days.

5 - Total investment security and title.

6 - A growing market and the good news is that prices have not yet reached those before the crisis. Despite a significant increase in prices in the most desirable areas , there is still room and plenty of bargains to be found not to mention excellent unrealized gains . But a tip: do not wait.

7 - No risk of reviving a collapse of the housing market : The influx of international investors (85% of buyers in Miami are foreign , so 5% of French only , have invested cash ) since the crisis. This has greatly consolidated and therefore secure the market.

8 - An exceptional location : crossroads of the Americas , Miami at the door of South America, is located just 8-9 hours flight from Paris .

9 - A subtropical climate and quality of life very envied . Idyllic beaches and as beautiful as the Bahamas known for their crystal clear waters sea . Nobody can either stress or boredom in Miami.

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