Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Miami and Toronto, two cities linked by Latinos

From the top of a building on Miracle Mile in Coral Gables, is the undeniable influence of Spanish colonial architecture draws on this side of the city. At the corner of Ponce de Leon, is hard to see a Canadian flag waving shyly hung from one of the light poles and other flags of the Americas. Being American and living in Toronto , a city declared by the UN as the most multicultural world , achievement easily identify how advantageous it is for the north country open doors to the region from Miami.

In the previous edition , we begin to draw what would be the large canvas of the brand Miami. Undoubtedly one of the commonly perceived attributes of what this city is to be a gateway to the Latin world inside and outside the United States. In Toronto , defined by the first settlers as " meeting place" , begins to awaken one of the fastest growing minority groups in the professional segment ; Hispanics. Entrance door , meeting place , Latino professionals , growing segment , multiculturalism, these are elements that unite these two great brands. However, not so evident for Canadian corporations serving the Hispanic segment can achieve penetrate new markets in the United States and the region . These are some of the conditions that make Miami- Toronto regarding a tangible opportunity for entrepreneurs, investors and regional governments :

1. Proximity to key markets : Canadian companies burgeoning Ontario looking out mainly in two directions : 1) entering the market québécoise or Quebec province with a population of about 8 million people with drinking habits and language different from other country , or 2) an incremental consider when looking to enter the American market geographic expansion. Assessing the state of Florida, this has 18 million people where only the Miami -Dade County already has more than 2.5 million Latinos .

Two . Language and facilities: Upon entering the South Florida market can get eliminate two barriers to internationalization, 1) being the Spanish the second language used , the adjustments in terms of communication products and packaging are standardized for entry also Latin America , 2) Miami is a center or logistics hub that the scale of its infrastructure has allowed international companies prefer to settle there before entering Latin America and the Caribbean.

Three . Tourism and Pan American Games : For six months a year the flow of visitors from Canada can be seen in the large number of vehicles with plates of Ontario and Quebec , which represents a significant number of tourists who also invest in real estate. Latinos in Toronto are also part of this group of tourists who come fleeing the cold weather, and even before living in Canada and had to Miami and Orlando as favorite places to vacation. On the other hand , to mobilize the Hispanic - tourism to Canada which brings the possibility of serving a market segment more than 50 million people - the 2015 Pan American Games are the perfect opportunity for all actors involved in the chain of value of tourism sector in Ontario. Until now , the reality is that Latinos in Toronto have not been taken as a group to influence and impact to penetrate international markets , representing an even greater gain for people if they dare to bet on this segment.

To conclude , I leave part of the interview I conducted with Magda de la Torre , business communications , Cuban -American based in Canada , who has made possible the opening of Canada into the Americas:

"Miami and Toronto are two cities which I consider my Two Worlds for 30 years ! When I accepted the appointment of Dominican Republic to open its offices in tourism, business and airline in Toronto , Canada. Vine fascinated and honored to represent a country that was not mine. Because , as you know , I am a ' Miami -Cuban ' . Spanglish is my language, and really live in two worlds , the one we left and we live day to day. came for four years and I have not gone to all that were my roots for many years.

In 2006 , Canada became the country making Florida more business - tourism , business and investment , which inspired me to try to unite my two worlds . That year began a relationship between THCC (Toronto Hispanic Chamber of Commerce ) and CAMACOL (Latin Chamber of Commerce of U.S.) , which ended last year when President THCC in Toronto was part of meetings CAMACOL . Also that year I met two Canadians who live in Miami and have become key pieces for the opening of Canada and Miami in the international world , Ian McCluskey and John Price.

The growth of Latinos in Canada, especially in Toronto, is the main base and the reason why we, the Latinos, we trigger this movement , uniting our two worlds ! "

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