Monday, February 11, 2008

Make Sure You Fully Know A Limousine Rental Firm’s Policies

When planning for a special occasion or event, renting a limousine for that event helps in making the occasion a more elegant and comfortable experience. Would you be taking an important client or a date for lunch or dinner, or are you trying to impress your guests or business associates by renting one?

Find good ways of making their meeting with you a truly pleasurable and memorable one, and getting these luxury vehicles for that special day truly helps you achieve that. There are many private rental services out there today, and you can check on each to find the best rates and quality of service.

Check Out A Rental’s Rules in Making Advance Reservations

Most limo rental services have varying rules and regulations, but generally will ask for a valid credit card from its customers, and will also ask you to make a deposit to secure the date of service. Before doing this, ensure that you have your itinerary or routing details ready with you, as this will aid in fast-tracking the processing.

If you will pay by bank check or credit card, you should know that most limo rentals will authorize your credit card for a higher amount in case the service exceeds the length of time you planned, and in these instances, the funds will be drawn quickly from your card.

What Are The Penalties If You Show Up Late, Or Don’t Show Up?

A no-show happens when a client no longer needs the rental service, or finds a cheaper rental firm, and does not cancel the service he or she booked with the previous company. These occasions tend to have negative impact on the company and the customer as well, since most rental providers will not instruct the driver to leave the location until one hour after the time the client booked the vehicle, thus giving the client a little benefit of the doubt.

After the waiting time has passed, the driver is sent back to the garage to wait again, and this generally wrecks a firm’s trip schedules. If this happens, clients should expect to be charged for the entire trip, along with additional waiting time incurred, and other penalties like tolls, parking and more.

How To Get Reasonable Quotes From Prospective Limo Rentals

To get reasonable quotes from prospective limo rentals, this would depend upon what type of limo is right for your needs, and what type of amenities you require. If ever you’re looking to transport an entire wedding party, or will simply splurge for a night on the town, the chances of getting a fair quote will add to the enjoyment of your special event.

To get the right quote, determine your requirements first. Find out what kind of vehicle will you be needing for event. While an SUV limo with surround sound, champagne bars and a karaoke machine may seem okay a party ride in town, you may want a more conventional, or formal type of limo for occasions such as a wedding. And if you're trying to find ways to efficiently transport guests or company officials to and from the airport, you probably might be okay with limo van that has enough room form more people, including their

In addition, verify if you will need a quote for more than one limo. Some limo rentals may offer a discount on an additional vehicle, or they may add-on extra amenities for free, like champagne with ice-filled buckets, flowers or others.

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