Monday, February 4, 2008

How To Help Your Limousine Last Years

Limousine owners and operators are a special breed; they come in all shapes and sizes. Limousines are the epitome of luxury on the road.

While some limousines are owned by wealthy individuals, many are owned by governments that use them to transport senior politicians, and by large companies to transport executives and other guests. A lot of limousines today, however, operate as livery vehicles, which provide stiff, up-market competition to taxicabs.

The demand for limousines today is still high, as limos put a special, classy touch to occasions like corporate promotions, airport transport, weddings, proms, bachelor parties, birthday events, city tours, shopping, clubbing and bar-hopping, holiday parties, and even funerals.

Preventive Maintenance Is Key To Longer-Lasting Vehicles

Preventative maintenance and vehicle care is key to the long lifespan, efficient performance and safety of your limousine, pre-owned motor coach or transit bus equipment. You should need to have a team of professional vehicle repair and maintenance experts, to enable your limousine to run at its peak performance, as well as eliminating costly vehicle breakdowns. Most general car maintenance tasks include checking on the following:

- Equipment Inspection and Repair
- Oil/Lube/Filter Service
- Wheel Alignment- Suspension Work
- Tire Maintenance - HVAC Service
- Routine Service (battery, belts, brakes, bulb/flashers, fluids, etc.)
- Vehicle Wash/Interior Cleaning and Repairs

It is also important to note that high-mileage vehicles like limousines should receive regular tune-ups to keep them running efficiently. The technicians that you call on should perform routine maintenance, that includes an oil change and complete inspection of the vehicle every week, if possible.

Inspecting the limo includes removing the wheels, checking the brakes, and a complete exhaust assessment. Inspections should be thorough and include buckling all seat belts, operating power seats, and verifying the tire pressure monitors to make sure everything is in good shape.

Check on Vehicle Warranty Coverage

A local limousine dealer usually provides comprehensive warranty programs, and extended service contract products that fit their customer’s needs. Be sure to check out the warranty coverage that each dealer offers. Most dealers provide custom terms and limits for all units, converters, operators, and these terms range from 3 Years/Unlimited Miles to 5 Years/150,000 Miles and other terms. The coverage included in a limousine warranty covers most major components and systems and essentially duplicates the coverage of a coach maker.

By being able to select and purchase extended warranty products for your limousine, you will benefit by having a warranty that covers repairs and damage incurred based on the miles accrued on the warranty, as well as get help for resolving claims from trained auto professionals who are experienced in handling and adjusting all types of mechanical breakdown claims.

Today, owning a limousine is not just for purposes of making a statement. A lot of business deals these days are made in limousines and a limousine reflects a company or individual’s attitude, as well overall taste and sense of style. Limousines are not merely restricted for business purposes; It is therefore important for limousine owners to keep close tabs on effectively maintaining their vehicles, in ensuring that their limos last for years, or even decades.

Vanessa Arellano Doctor.

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