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Real Estate News Florida

First, Pierrette Arcand and Jean Feuillet, wish to thank all those who came to meet us during our presentations on real estate in Florida and Saint-Sauveur Quebec. With over sixty people at each session, we discussed the current market and buying opportunities, taxes ( a favorite topic) , and the different types of possible purchase today. It was a success again .

For those who could not come to see us, we will provide on YouTube and on this blog in the weeks following videos on the topics we talked about .

New rules to connect with FPL

FPL , Florida Power and Light provides electricity service in Florida and has over 4.6 million subscribers. Throughout the south of Florida , that is to say, the key metropolitan areas of Fort Lauderdale , West Palm Beach, Miami and surrounding areas , as well as Keys, is part of FPL power grid . This week , FPL has decided to change the rules of service. A summary of these changes:

The accommodation : We call first

The new residents can register online at or by calling (800 ) 226-3545 .
For connections on the same day , contact FPL before 14 hours ( 2:00 PM ) .
No need to be at home to connect the service, but it takes a few basic security preparations :
Close all circuits on panel
Turn off household electrical and electronic systems
Remove anything that might be on the stove or in the oven.
the move

FPL disconnects the electrical service in a day when the resident called to close his account.
Before closing electricity, fridge should be disconnected with the door open to prevent mold and odors.
The rate of crime in Miami: 14 safe places

The firm Esri , a provider of geographic data, compiled the crime rate in the region of Miami- Dade from the list of postal codes. It appears that the Miami-Dade County has the highest rate of all crime is south Florida .

The link below compiles 79 postcodes Miami with their index crime rate . This index ranges from 29 to 515 .

The methodology of this analysis establishes an index of "100" as the average , which means a place with less than 100 index is a safer place with more than 100 index.

As you read there are 14 postal codes with a total index of less than 100 crime in Miami -Dade . No comments on the crime rate in Miami !

The results of these compilations for the Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach are available on this link and several other statistics reported by the company Esri.

New condominium complex in Hollywood

The construction of new real estate properties in Florida is distributed . This new 15-storey complex will be located in downtown Hollywood at 2165 Van Buren Street . The first shovels of this project of $ 50 million began there a few weeks. And already there are reports that more than 60 units are sold .

The models for these condominiums measure 594 square feet ( 55 square meters) to 1,579 square feet ( 146 square meters) for a unit of 3 bedrooms. Prices range from $ 190,000 to $ 380,000 . This resort accepts pets and has a swimming pool , a recreation center with gym and a conference room.

More and sketches of buildings here on the Sun- Sentinel. If you are interested , we will be happy to provide more information on this project.

The importance of reading ( and understanding ) the Declarations of Condominiums

When you buy a condominium , it is known that in general, the co- owner is responsible for what he sees in the apartment, and that the union of co- owners, the Association is responsible for what is inside the walls of the condominium.

Thus, plumbing pipes , sewers, electrical conduits , etc. . which are within the walls would be the responsibility of the Association. What about pipes and conduits of a co- owner air conditioner.

"Help Me Howard" , a program of surveys and television station WSVN legal solutions , has released this week a program in which the co- owner was fighting ( figuratively ) against the Association did not want to pay $ 1.900 for replacement led his air conditioning unit that was broken inside the walls.

Howard Finkelstein, public defense attorney in Broward County ( Fort Lauderdale) , after consultation documents of the Declaration of Condominiums , discovered hidden on page 20 of this brick of 150 pages , the Association was responsible for all common ducts which are shared by all co- owners, such as water , sewer, etc. .

The air conditioner is meanwhile regarded as belonging to a single co- owner and ducts and pipes are not shared between the co- owners. So for this condominium complex , each co- owner is responsible for conduits within the walls of the air conditioner that cools their homes .

Which proves that he must be well informed before taking an action that could cost unnecessarily expensive . Video of the show is here on the site WSVN .

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