Saturday, May 3, 2008

Helpful Hints In Limousine Rental

For every special occasion, a limo can be a perfect mode of transportation to make it a memorable one.

From leisure to corporate events, a limo would fit perfectly. But before you actually get one, you first need to know some useful tips to get the best deal from any limousine rental service, and avoid being embarrassed if something goes wrong in the middle of it.

Know The Limo Business

It is important that you have an idea how limousine rental works before you actually get a limo for your own use. Here are some things you need to take note off before renting one out:

1. Business Permit and Licenses. To avoid being scammed, you need to make sure that the limo rental company is legitimate. When you inquire on their services, make sure you check out their credentials as well.

Also, if the limo rental company is operating legally, then they should conform to the policy and conditions required by the federal and state law to operate their business.

2. Insurance Policies. Legitimate limo rental services have an insurance policy for both their limo and consumer. Make sure that customers are included in the policy in case of accidents during the event.

3. Chauffeurs Info. The driver is as important as the limousine you plan to rent out. Your safety will depend on the qualification of the chauffeur: their driving skills, history, and background info – these should be taken into high consideration.

4. Contracts. Every business transaction requires a contract. Don’t deal with companies that offer verbal transactions. You need to have the transaction on paper in case things go wrong. A limousine rental contract contains the following information: 1) date and time of event, 2) location for pick-up and drop-off, 3) gratuity and other charges, 4) and cancellation clauses.

Get the Best Limo Deals

If you have screened different limo rental companies for validity, then you are now ready to get the best limo for the occasion. First, you need to check the limo that you plan to rent out. Make sure that it can accommodate the number of passengers and is free from any interior and exterior damage.

Also, you have to determine the number of hours you will actually use the limo. Some companies have additional charges for every extra hour you use; while some would just disappear after they have fulfilled the agreement on the contract.

Ask each company carefully about their rates, additional fees like mileage, fuel, and so on.
Feel free to expand your horizon by scouting out best rates and discounts before you decide on a limo rental service. Compare each one carefully to get your money's worth, as well as the other benefits like entertainment systems, flowers and wines, complimentary gifts, and so on. Oh, don’t forget to book them in advance to avoid the rush since limousine rentals are quite popular these days.

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