Friday, April 11, 2008

$3 Billion Miami Megaplan Faces New Hurdles

The hurdles of Miami’s $3 Billion Megaplan, which has already been the subject of many complaints by industry leaders and politicians, keeps growing with the addition of two new developments.

The city’s police union, which is unhappy with how staffing would be handled at the proposed new Florida Marlins baseball stadium, is trying to join auto magnate Norman Braman ‘s suit against the city and the county over a development blueprint that would also build a port tunnel and musuem park downtown.

And the city’s commisiioner’s also appear primed to revote the entire megaplan alater this month because of the hasty way it was initially approved in December.

Doing so could help beat back one aspect of Braman’s legal challenge, which contended that the commissioners improperly rushed to their historic vote.

Under the city code, any legislation approved by the city must first be distributed to commissioners five days prior to a vote, but that didn’t happen with the megaplan.
The tentative revote date will be on April 24. “We want to be, let’s say prudent”, said Miami City Manager Pete Hernandez . "The intent was proper throughout".

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